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Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Member(s): Giselle Rosselli (vocals, accoridan, percussion, japanese harp, kalimba, xylophone, cello, micro korg)

Relative to: Julianna Barwick, Tune-Yards, Four Tet
Genre: electro world pop

For when you’re: at a bookshop cafe sipping coffee

Release(s): Nigerian Rubiks Cube (single), Carnivore (single), Silk (single),
Highlight Track(s): Carnivore, They Stay Down Deep, Small People
Highlight Lyric: “I can think of nothing better/ Than to have you for dinner/
I’d run you a hot bath/ and serve us up a tasty broth/ I’d let you lay beside me on the whitest table cloth/ Invite your friends and family/ Serve them with suspense/ Imagine in the calamity when they’re eating state evidence” from Carnivore

Highlight Review: “Her high-pitched voice easily goes from one stanza to the next, creating serenity while still being upbeat, making what she calls “quirk-pop.” Her light voice is perfectly contrasted by the darkness of her lyrics” – read more at The Rhythm Review

Website: NA
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Silk video via Hong Kong Rock Club