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Little Scream

Hometown: Montreal, Canada via Iowa USA
Member(s): Laurel Sprengelmeyer (vocals, violin, piano, guitar)

Relative to: Bodies of Water, Sea of Bees, Angel Olsen
Genre: dreamy alternative pop-folk

For when you’re: on a solo picnic, basking in the springtime sun

Release(s): The Golden Record
Highlight Track(s): Red Hunting Jacket, Black Cloud, Cannons
Highlight Lyric: “Oh that magic curtained canyon where lovers dreams can lie/ Is like a drive in movie screen that is pressed against the sky/ All those pictures float there happy just for a little while/ Before they’re swallowed up in the vastness of the open night” from The Heron and the Fox

Highlight Review: “a mixture of absolute, classical beauty and a pummeling assault of instruments so fluid and well-crafted that the two become one in the same. It’s got a baroque kind of quality, given its playful piano and diving violins, but it soon bleeds into something dark with thick, fuzzy guitars and a turret of exploding snares.” – read more at The Dropp

Website: www.littlescream.com
Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

YouTube: Your Radio video via Pitchfork TV