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This being Valentine’s Day, we offer a special music treat. Not for the lovers, but for those who really need it: the loners and lately heartbroken. With lyrics capturing  the reality that love is never easy and music that bites into its bitter and dark side, Rachael Yamagata lulls the pain to something bearable. So here’s a bit of beauty and sweetness for love that’s unrequited, betrayed, abandoned, and forgotten.

Rachael Yamagata

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Member(s): Rachael Yamagata (vocals, piano, guitar)

Relative to: Priscilla Ahn, Leona Naess, Inara George
Genre: singer-songwriter

For when you’re: two pints of ice cream away from deleting his/her number for good

Release(s): Rachael Yamagata EP, Happenstance, Live at the Loft & More EP, Loose Ends EP, Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart, Chesapeake, Covers EP, Heavyweight EP
Highlight Track(s): Be Be Your Love, You Won’t Let Me, It’ll Do
Highlight Lyric: “And how dare that you say you will call/ When you know I need some peace of mind/ If you had to take sides with the animals/ Won’t you do it with one who is kind?” from Elephants

Highlight Review: “deep, melancholy, breathy alto and a fondness for slow, sparsely chorded songs” – read more at New York Times

Website: www.rachelyamagata.com
Twitter | Facebook

YouTube: Dealbreaker video via Suite 268