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Boy and Bear

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Member(s): Dave Hosking (vocals, guitar), Killian Gavin (vocals, guitar), Jake Tarasenko (vocals, bass, guitar), Tim Hart (vocals, drums), Jon Hart (banjo, mandolin, keyboards)

Relative to: Milo Greene, Reuben and the Dark
Genre: indie folk pop

For when you’re: living out your dream of roaming the old West

Release(s): Moonfire, Harlequin Dreams
Highlight Track(s): Rabbit Song, Golden Jubilee, Blood to Gold
Highlight Lyric: “So we run through the jungle/ And I can feel the rhythm of war/ You see I’m fighting/ But I just can’t fight anymore/ I’m in awe/ So we’ll give ourselves to the Harlequin Dream” from Harlequin Dream

Highlight Review: “draws heavily on 1970s pop and rock, ranging from David Bowie to Fleetwood Mac, from Bruce Springsteen to ABBA. Alongside those influences there are touches of folk and country.” – read more at The Australian

Website: www.boyandbear.com
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YouTube: Feeding Line video via Boy & Bear