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Pacific Air

Hometown: Santa Ana, California
Member(s): Ryan Lawhon (vocals, guitar), Taylor Lawhon (vocals, keys, flute, percussion)

Relative to: Youngblood Hawk, Atlas Genius
Genre: electro dance pop

For when you’re: ready to Flashdance with your legwarmers on

Release(s): Long Live KOKO EP, Stop Talking
Highlight Track(s): Move, Duet in B Minor
Highlight Lyric: “I don’t want to be here anymore/ I don’t want to be cruel/
I’m not tired of sleeping on the floor/ I don’t want to be you/ I’ve played nice now I’m ready to leave/ Everybody’s eyes are darker than the night” from Play Nice

Highlight Review: “unique blend of electropop, indie rock and New Age has lent itself to a quick, almost unbelievable rise.” – read more at radio.com

Website: www.pacificairmusic.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Float video via High 5 Collective