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The Devil Whale

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Member(s): Brighton Jones (vocals, keys), Jake Fish (vocals, bass), Cameron Runyan (vocals, drums), Jamie Timm  (lead guitar)

Relative to: You Me and Apollo, Campfire OK, Quiet Hounds
Genre: indie psych-pop

For when you’re: jumping up and down, letting your inner flower-child out

Release(s): Young Wives, Teeth
Highlight Track(s): Indian, Barracudas, Magic Numbers
Highlight Lyric: “Keep your eyes covered/ keep your teeth inside your grin/
All you need is a new start/and a winter vacation” – from Standing Stones

Highlight Review: “heavy guitar and bass fill the room with energy indescribable. With their smooth guitar licks, heavy bass and bright keyboard, the Devil Whale has created a sound that is unique, one that cannot be defined.” – read more at UVU Review

Website: www.thedevilwhale.com
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YouTube: Magic Numbers video via KEXP