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Diane Coffee

Hometown: New York, New York/Los Angeles, California
Member(s): Shaun Fleming (vocals, guitar), Emily Panic (vocals, bass), Steve Okonski (vocals, keys), Jared Walker (vocals, guitar), Joey Lefitz (drums)

Relative to: Ava Luna, Jamaican Queens
Genre: r&b lo-fi psych rock

For when you’re: dancing with your first love at the high school prom

Release(s): My Friend Fish
Highlight Track(s): Never Lonely, WWWoman, Eat Your Love (With Sriracha)
Highlight Lyric: “We were both here and we were green/ I left ’cause I was mean/ I was, I was scare and I was closed/ but I won’t be that anymore/ Cause your love it’s so beautiful” from Green

Highlight Review: “full of free-loving, rock n’ roll vibes. It’s sensual and it’s bluesy. It is psychedelic rock without the bore of the self-indulgent artist. Breathe it in, listen and spit it out. This is gospel-pop, folks; say your hallelujahs…” – read more at Violent Success

Website: www.westernvinyl.com
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YouTube: All the Young Girls video via Western Vinyl