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Kishi Bashi

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Member(s): Kaoru Ishibashi (vocals, violin)

Relative to: of Montreal, Lord Huron
Genre: dreamy folk-pop

For when you’re: trying to start your day in a bright, light mood

Release(s): Room for a Dream EP, 151a, 7″ Box Set, Philosophize! Chemicalize! EP
Highlight Track(s): Bright Whites, Manchester, I Am the Antichrist to You
Highlight Lyric: “one of many in the mess hall/ family there and all/ making money on the desktop/ was at war with fast cars/ many chemicals in the eyes of The Master/ Burst!” from It All Began with a Burst

Highlight Review: “Kishi Bashi is what would happen if (Andrew) Bird overdosed on Adderall, was left in the Sahari desert with nothing but a violin, and had to find his way home, naked.” – read more at Mother Jones

Website: www.kishibashi.com
Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp
YouTube: Manchester video via Cardinal Sessions