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Noah Gundersen

Hometown: Centralia, Washington
Member(s): Noah Gundersen (vocals, guitar) with Abby Gundersen (violin, harmony vocals)

Relative to: Joshua James, White Buffalo, Matthew Mayfield
Genre: moody folk, roots

For when you’re: contemplating about the world late at night in a hot rural town

Release(s): Brand New World, Live at The Triple Door, Saints & Liars, Family EP, Ledges
Highlight Track(s): Middle of June, San Antonio Fading, The Ocean
Highlight Lyric: “I’m happy to be here, happy to be here/ With all of my family, hookers in heels / And the men who watch them like hungry black eels” from Family

Highlight Review: “Only in his early twenties, Gundersen writes and sings like he’s looking back on his life, some decades later. His sound is a perfect mix of folk and Americana…” – read more at Music Savage

Website: www.noahgundersenmusic.com
Twitter | Facebook | BandCamp

YouTube: Cigarettes video via SerialBox