Hindi Zahra – #171


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Hindi Zahra

Hometown: Khouribga, Morocco
Member(s): Hindi Zahra (vocals)

Relative to: Billie Holiday, Norah Jones, Keren Ann
Genre: jazz pop, folk

For when you’re: on a romantic date

Release(s): Handmade
Highlight Track(s): Beautiful Tango, Fascination, At The Same
Highlight Lyric: “Don’t forget about me/ When you say goodbye/ Early in the morning/ When you pass me by/ Don’t be a stranger/ To my poor little heart” from Don’t Forget

Highlight Review:Moroccan-born, Paris-based Hindi Zahra can speak to mountains or whisper in your ear. She can turn rustling plastic bags into Berber beats and Parisian kitchens into soul incubators…bursts with maturity and vigor, rich in jazz, soul, and Arabic sounds but with a gritty, bluesy Berber pulse.” – read more at Rock Paper Scissors

Website: www.hindi-zahra.com
Twitter | Facebook

YouTube: The Man I Love video via Hindi Zahra


Matrimony – #170


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Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Member(s): Ashlee Hardee Brown (vocals, keys), Jimmy Brown (vocals, guitar), CJ Hardee (banjo, mandolin), Jordan Hardee (drums)

Relative to: Nikki Lane, Apache Relay, Aunt Martha
Genre: folk rock, country

For when you’re: homesick for the American heartland

Release(s): The Storm & The Eye, Montibello Memories
Highlight Track(s): See The Light, More, The Storm & The Eye
Highlight Lyric: “Look for the color whenever you’re dreaming/ Follow your longing and swallow your feeling/ When you’re young, got to obey your guns” from Obey Your Guns

Highlight Review: “lush, melodic pop and rootsy folk that reflects the shared journey of those several years.” – read more at Rolling Stone

Website: www.martrimonync.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: See The Light video via Balcony TV

Still Life Still – #169


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Still Life Still

Hometown: Toronoto, Canada
Member(s): Brendon Saarinen (vocals, guitar), Eric Young (vocals, guitar), Derek Paulin (bass), Aaron Romaniuk (drums), Josh Romaniuk (keys, percussion)

Relative to: Arms, Field Mouse
Genre: indie rock

For when you’re: picking up the final pieces & starting new

Release(s): Pastel EP, Girls Come Too, Mourning Trance
Highlight Track(s): Burial Suit, Pastel, Revolving Doors
Highlight Lyric: “I wanna make you feel older/ So we can share our fear/ With glass flowers in our dinner/ Are we grenades if we’re here” from Pastel

Highlight Review: “the first step in their attempts at not only invading the lyric-storing centers of the brain (the lyricthalmus, for those who don’t know) but also a general invasion of the psychic space of pop music.” – read more at Tiny Mix Tapes

Website: www.stilllifestill.com
Twitter | Facebook

YouTube: Burial Suit video via The Verge Online

Ella Eyre – #168


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Ella Eyre

Hometown: London, England
Member(s): Ella McMahon (vocals)

Relative to: Amy Winehouse, Adele, Foxes
Genre: pop, electro-pop

For when you’re: dressing up for a night out clubbing

Release(s): Deeper, If I Go, Ella Eyre EP (TBR)
Highlight Track(s): Going On, Deeper, If I Go
Highlight Lyric: “Connect the cause and effects/ One foot in front of the next/ This is the start of a journey/ My mind is already gone” from Going On

Highlight Review: “Nearly reaching perfection, Eyre’s vocals paired with moments of danceable beats and unsparing emotions culminate to make what may be one of the year’s best Extended-Plays.” – read more at The Oswegian

Website: www.ellaeyre.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Love Me Like You video via BRITawards

Bright Moments – #167


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Bright Moments

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York via Lexington, Kentucky
Member(s): Kelly Pratt (vocals, trumpet), Jon Natchez (woodwinds), Jared Van Fleet (keys), Nikhi Yerawadekar (guitar), Tony Afro (drums)

Relative to: Deep Sea Diver, Soft Swells
Genre: indie pop folk

For when you’re: exploring the ocean/at the aquarium

Release(s): Natives
Highlight Track(s): Travelers, Tourist, Drifters
Highlight Lyric: “Baby what’s come over you/ I don’t know what you’re saying/ And your eyes have lost their allure/ I think you might be crazy” from Milwaukee Protocol

Highlight Review: “a study of people, places and adventure featuring a lively, prominent brass section atop a multi-layered, indie-pop base…a microscopic examination of a place where so many people interact, influence and juxtapose one another, examining the perspectives of the players that contribute to the land” – read more at Talk Rock to Me

Website: www.brightmomentsmusic.com

YouTube: Travelers video via Out of Town Films

Bleachers – #166


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Hometown: New York, New York
Member(s): Jack Antonoff (guitar, vocals)

Relative to: The Colourist, Smallpools, Panama Wedding
Genre: indie pop

For when you’re: indulging in the sweet excitement of young love

Release(s): Strange Desire
Highlight Track(s): I Wanna Get Better, Shadow, Rollercoaster
Highlight Lyric: “Thought I wanted to forget my past/ Tried to leave the pieces of a broken man/ What it cost I ain’t ever getting back/ So I’m breaking the lines ’cause I wanna remember” from You’re Still A Mystery

Highlight Review: “Antonoff looks back on young love with his 11-track set that could easily soundtracked a John Hughes film. As Bleachers, he revels in spirited lyricism buoyed by ’80s-inspired music with an experimental edge. Antonoff realizes his teenage dreams to the tune of raucous dance numbers and alluring mid-tempo songs.” – read more at AXS

Website: www.bleachersmusic.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: Shadow video via WBRU

Radiation City – #165


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Radiation City

Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Member(s): Cameron Spies (vocals, guitar), Elisabeth Ellison (vocals, keys), Randy Bemrose (vocals, drums), Matt Rafferty (vocals, bass), Patti King (vocals, keys, bass)

Relative to: Brazos, Races, Weird Dreams
Genre: lo-fi vintage pop

For when you’re: vintage clothes shopping at the local flea market

Release(s): The Hands That Take You, Cool Nightmare, Animals in the Median, You Only Live Twice (single), Fly Me To The Moon (single)
Highlight Track(s): Zombies, You Only Live Twice,
Highlight Lyric: “This is a lark, this is a darker feather/ You make the flight to make it right/ It’s not a show of bleeding hearts/ Buried in the dark above our homes” from Lark

Highlight Review: “sounds a bit sixties tropicalia pop meets psychedelic seventies rock mixed with some percolating beats of the eighties and then sprinkled with the nineties post-modern sound of Stereolab.” – read more at Smells Like Pop

Website: www.radiationcity.net
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Babies video via Into The Woods TV

Lemolo – #164


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Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Member(s): Meagan Grandall (vocals, guitar, keys), Kendra Cox/Emily Westman (drums)

Relative to: Dark Dark Dark, Perfume Genius, Gem Club
Genre: dramatic alt-rock, melancholy dream pop

For when you’re: purging the remnants of a terrible day by standing in the late night rain

Release(s): The Kaleidoscope
Highlight Track(s): Beautiful Night, Whale Song, Who Loves
Highlight Lyric: “You put your body out my window/ With the top dow, we’re headed South with the top down/ All the way East in our nightgowns/ All the way West with our knife out” from Open Air

Highlight Review: “Seattle-based dream pop outfit is so in touch with her roots that the band’s name was taken from a major street in her hometown of Poulsbo, Washington. It’s that comforting concept of home that has allowed Grandall to create music that feels both wistful and nostalgic.” – read more at Bunch Mag

Website: www.lemolomusic.com
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Move Me video via KEXP

The Chevin – #163


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The Chevin

Hometown: Leeds, England
Member(s): Coyle Girelli (vocals), Mat Steel (guitar), Jon Langford (bass), Mal Taylor (drums)

Relative to: Churchill, Strange Talk, Animal Kingdom
Genre: alternative rock, electro-pop

For when you’re: chronicling your adventures on your red-eye back home

Release(s): Champion EP, Borderland
Highlight Track(s): Dirty Little Secret, Blue Eyes, Beautiful World
Highlight Lyric: “In the dead of night/ We light the candles/ In the loneliest shrine/ Cue the chorus line/ Hide my heartbreak/ In the rhythm and rhyme” from Drive

Highlight Review: “The Chevin has a sound that is a mix between U2 and Arcade Fire and their debut LP, Borderland, is quite cinematic in scope, filled with soaring guitars, driving drumbeats, and the angelic reverberations of lead singer Coyle Girelli’s vocals.” – read more at Short and Sweet NYC

Website: www.the-chevin.com
Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

YouTube: Champion video via Subway Tracks

Max Frost – #162


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Max Frost
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Member(s): Max Frost (vocals, guitar, production)

Relative to: Graffiti6, Electric Guest,
Genre: electro-funk

For when you’re: opening up shop

Release(s): Low High Low
Highlight Track(s): White Lies, Suspended Animation
Highlight Lyric: “I need a doctor said the boy to the man/ To mend my soul and  ease my bones and give my life a plan/ Well hold on son said the man with the grin/ Just be a man and have no plan and let your life begin” from Be Who You Want To Be

Highlight Review: “Combining various styles of music, from blues and funk to electro and pop, Max Frost has fused together an audience of fans who love all types of music.” – read more at Empty Lighthouse Magazine

Website: www.maxfrost.net
Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

YouTube: White Lies video via The Current